Our President Had Some Kind of Relations With That Woman, and it Does Not Matter

I’m not going to sit here and endorse Donald Trump. I never have and I likely never will. Thats pretty clear, yes? Okay, good. It seems likely that Donald Trump had sex with Stormy Daniels and possibly paid her to not talk about the fact they had sex. Yes, its adultery and an important factor in divorce proceedings. Proceedings which never took place and seem unlikely to while he serves his term(s). The alleged hush payment would definitely be illegal and unethical, but i think not uncommon. With everything else the President is saying and doing, why are we focusing so much on this?

Do people think that by exposing him as unethical, an adulterer or a philanderer will result in impeachment? Never gonna happen. Donald Trump has long been known to be all three of those things, and more. For decades the public has known these things. The election cycle has been over for a year and a half and Donald Trump is the sitting president of the United State of America. This tabloid garbage is just going to roll right off his back, it always has. He pandered to fear and bigotry during his campaign and won. You can’t expose his lack of ethics and his amorousness because its already out in the open. The president likes to get down, and so did countless others before him. Its flinging shit at a wall that doesn’t exist; pissing in the wind.

Its probably a good strategy for him to keep stories like this at the forefront of news coverage. Let people shout about morality and fidelity, while he slides unpopular legislation through the back door. His policies are the only things that should matter to anyone at this point, that is what affects us citizens.

For better or worse, that guy is our president. Right-to-work is about to snuck through into federal law, this will result in wage cuts and no severance for layoffs. Does anyone realize this? They’re trying open up California to offshore drilling. Your earning potential and workers rights matter, the health of our environment matters, Donald Trump having sex doesn’t.


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