Water, the Real Breakfast of Champions


The idea of breakfast – and what should constitute it – is largely based on misleading ad campaigns. The orange industry says you need to drink orange juice because if you don’t, what the hell are they going to do with all the oranges they decided to grow? Monsanto dreamt of a planet of corn fields, but corn-on-the-cob didn’t provide enough demand. So in lucrative partnership with big sugar they gave us breakfast cereal, the best way to start your day. Bacon, eggs, pancakes, waffles, the list goes on and on. Businesses had to find a way to sell their product and thats fine. But what about your needs?

The answer is water! Water is why we exist. Sure there are other things that are just as important, but water is the one we are solely responsible for. During sleep we lose a ton of water through respiration and sweating and since we are sleeping there is no rehydration happening. It is well-established that water replenishment is far more critical to bodily function than eating, since dehydration is a much swifter process than starvation. I don’t claim to be a scientist because I’m not a scientist, but you don’t need a formal education to understand these concepts. But in case you need some hard science, here it is:

Assume you live in an air conditioned house. Assume that you keep the AC set at 70F. Because of the AC, the relative humidity inside your house is approximately 50% (in addition to cooling, AC adjusts humidity to between 40 and 60%). So what you breath in is approximately 70F at 50% humidity. At that temperature there are 0.0079 grams of water vapor in each gram of dry air. Meanwhile, the dry air in our atmosphere contains 0.00046g of Carbon Dioxide in each gram of dry air. But don’t forget that CO2 is not all carbon, so there’s only about 0.00013 g of Carbon in each gram of dry air.

As we exhale, our body moistens the surfaces of our lungs and the air we exhale, now warmed to approximately 90F has a relative humidity of almost 100%. At 90F and 90%, each gram of dry air we exhale (that is, the air we exhale minus the weight of the water vapor in it) also carries with it 0.0272 grams of water vapor. We also exchange oxygen for carbon dioxide. The dry air we exhale contains approximately 0.046 g of Carbon Dioxide in each gram of dry air exhaled. Again, though, CO2 is not all carbon. There’s only about 0.013 g of C in each gram of dry air exhaled.

So for every gram of air we breathe, we lose less than 0.013 g of carbon and more than 0.019 g of water vapor. 


There you have it, cut and dry. More than anything, water is what needs replenishment in the morning. Chances are your body has plenty of calories that it can use in the meantime, but one thing it doesn’t have is water. I, personally, haven’t been eating before noon for the past 4 months and I feel exponentially better and more energetic. My weight is down from 5’9″ and 220lbs. to 5’9″ and 180-185lbs. I exercise regularly and control what and how much I am eating also, but that’s all part of a bigger personal goal I set for myself. But there is no doubt that having 20-30 ounces of water in lieu of a shit-pot of carbohydrates has been a huge positive for my brain function and overall energy level. The best part of this is that water is also the least expensive and most accessible drink out there!



Try your water in this fashion to enhance the experience and save time.

Do a little research on the tap water in your area and be not afraid to drink it, if all indications are that it is safe. If you think the government is trying to poison you through your drinking water, get a filter. If you think a filter is not enough to remove the toxins then you’re probably dehydrated and need to drink some water; confusion is a symptom of dehydration. You can buy bottled water of course, but do you really trust big corporations MORE than the people controlling your tap water? They are the same people that prefer you drink water that is saturated with sugar. Many also add salts their bottled water, which dehydrates you faster. Just drink your damn tap water if its safe.

Tap water is such a blessing, we should recognize and appreciate its importance far more than we do. So when you get up in the morning, open up that tap and stick your face under it. Like, your entire face, its a glorious feeling. Bask in its life-sustaining brilliance and coolness and gulp away. There is no better way to start the day, drink up.





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