Finding Your Best Self

The modern world is the busiest version of it yet known. It can be difficult to bring everything into focus with all the responsibilities that require our attention. Sometimes it can feel like too much and we shut the bedroom door to cancel out the noise and hold the world at bay; we flip on … Continue reading Finding Your Best Self

Water, the Real Breakfast of Champions

  The idea of breakfast - and what should constitute it - is largely based on misleading ad campaigns. The orange industry says you need to drink orange juice because if you don't, what the hell are they going to do with all the oranges they decided to grow? Monsanto dreamt of a planet of … Continue reading Water, the Real Breakfast of Champions

Driving America’s Forgotten West

Starting from Seattle with Phoenix as the final destination is really common and easy long-haul route. I've made the trip at least half a dozen times. Its super simple, I-5 south for about 1200 miles and then I-10 east the rest of the way. There are absolutely beautiful stretches from southern Oregon to Redding, California. … Continue reading Driving America’s Forgotten West

American Bathroom Hygiene is Nasty as Hell

How many people carry a bottle of hand-sanitizer with them when they go out? Have one in the car? Next to the sink in your home, where you could easily just wash your hands instead smothering a sticky mess on them and leaving it there? We do this despite the fact that hand-sanitizer kills 99.9% … Continue reading American Bathroom Hygiene is Nasty as Hell