Finding Your Best Self

The modern world is the busiest version of it yet known. It can be difficult to bring everything into focus with all the responsibilities that require our attention. Sometimes it can feel like too much and we shut the bedroom door to cancel out the noise and hold the world at bay; we flip on … Continue reading Finding Your Best Self

Water, the Real Breakfast of Champions

  The idea of breakfast - and what should constitute it - is largely based on misleading ad campaigns. The orange industry says you need to drink orange juice because if you don't, what the hell are they going to do with all the oranges they decided to grow? Monsanto dreamt of a planet of … Continue reading Water, the Real Breakfast of Champions

#035–What’s the Difference Between “Salsa” and “Picante Sauce”?

For all the Hot Sauce savants out there

The Chatty Introvert

I thought it was straightforward, then three pages of Google searches later, there seems to be several possibilities (and some repeating answers). This question came to me when I was making my egg and potato tacos for lunch with–you guessed it–salsa to dip ’em in (a locally made “thick and chunky medium” to be more precise).

I’ve lived in Texas my whole life. Our so-called “state snack” is tortilla chips and salsa, which makes sense, I guess. You can’t throw a rock in a town without hitting either a church or a good family owned Tex-Mex restaurant. It’s a party staple and sleep-over go-to.

It’s everywhere.

But is it really salsa we’re enjoying so much?

I’ve found a couple of things that make me wonder what the real difference is between “salsa” and “picante sauce.” Apparently the Pace company was the first to coin the term picante sauce when they…

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The Best Ribeye isn’t in America

Yes, I am aware that is a burger...and a lasagna. So what about it? There is no picture of the steak because the shutter speed wasn't fast enough catch it. That ribeye was an apparition from within my belly. It never existed as far as anyone but me is concerned. It just so happens an … Continue reading The Best Ribeye isn’t in America